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    • Gm - you can close the topic - the guys who were waiting for your answer - left the game, having lost hope - return friends. sad.
    • Just my two cents. Please read section 8.2 of the Dragona Global Terms of Use. It says "Based on its severity". Perhaps what you did really did cost the administrators some time to get it fixed. If you have learned from what you did, just move on and create a new account (or play something else). Also..  
    • @GM Howlong Will u Wait To let the players know What u dicide?  
    • Thank you for your opinion. I think your opinion will be heard that the topic will be closed
      Voting is a normal democratic process in civilized countries.
      Believe me, some - forbidden in the game - did nothing. My friend was banned because his account use freind  (section 8.1.6). I'm sure that you personally violated it. First of all, look at yourself .. Everyone in this game breaks the rules, some are allowed to play a friend with their character, others sell for real money, others use a mistake - let's all be banned - it will be honest)
    • Advanced sorry bec. the language, but i read here this nursery, and now im already full with this. My opinion: once, if the admins unban them, it's will be a simple message for the all players here: " nvm what they did, what cheat they used, how spoiled the game experience for the other players, how many money/item they get from the cheating etc. not important, because here just need cry-cry day by day, and after they can have back the accounts. " It is true? Dear GM's if its working in this way, soon everybody will use game-bugs, because why not? Not have punishment, just start a voting here and all good again.. ridiculous. Because you guys can't play fair mode, we not had server almost 1 week, the GM's had extra problem / + work time to fix all, what you all created, and still i not said, how we disappointed about what happened. So after this all, -and no i not will vote bec its childish - i really hope, the admins not will thinking about to unban this accounts. Want play? Learn fairplay first, and grow up pls... " our yes" <-- i create 10 account here, and ask even my neighbours to vote too... joke category. Would be better if the admin's close this topic already. And before starting the trashtalk and the crying again : everybody can have opinion, and it's not mean i'm better or worse then you.